About our Quality Control System
Assessing and improving the quality of our products to make sure that they meet the requirements of our clients is absolutely crucial to the success of a project. That is why we implemented top-notch technical equipment as well as a well-oiled set of simulation, control, and testing procedures that can be adjusted to the specific needs of every partner.
Our Technology and Method Research workshop equipment
  • Tintometric systems
  • Cycle simulation booths
  • Application test booth
  • Multi-angle spectrophotometer
  • Colorimeters for color formulation
  • Color vision booth
Our Quality Control test range
  • Cross hatch adhesion test
  • Accelerated Aging & Blistering test
  • Corrosion & Salt Fog test
  • Hue & Color test
  • Surface Hardness test
  • Surface gloss test
  • Thickness test
  • Light Aging test
  • Thermal Shock test
  • Stone Chipping test
  • Temperature & Humidity test
  • Wave Scan test