The human spirit must prevail over technology.

Albert Einstein
Da Lio is a family-owned, Italian-based company with 40 years of experience in the production of metal and plastic components for the automotive and motorcycle industry. Our process ranges from development to molding, industrial painting, finishing, and assembly.
Partnering with major brands in our fields of competence, we help complex projects come alive starting from conception and design and onwards to development, feasibility assessment, manufacturing, and quality control, working in close and constant synergy with our customers and suppliers.
We are an industrial business, but people are our greatest asset.
For it is people who conceive ideas, provide creativity, solve problems, develop highly specialized skills and expertise, all of which eventually come together to deliver on-spot, innovative solutions to fulfill the desires of our clients.
We make
reproducible on
a larger scale.
Our strong suit is a unique mix of industrial and artisan processes. While we leverage cutting-edge machines and the latest computerized technology, it is the trained hands of our team, their unfaltering proficiency and dedication that allow us to achieve flawless quality and top-notch design. We are committed to a Zero-Defect vision in every aspect of our work. From personal environment in the workplace to teamwork and customer relations, we have developed a set of error-proof rules and processes aimed at making sure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. This extensive poka-yoke philosophy provides the highest quality all the way from our employees’ working life to our services, products, and customer service.
Maintaining and strengthening our product leadership in the supply of premium components for motorcycle bodywork, cars and assembled systems is our mission.
To pursue it, we have chosen a strategic approach based on customer loyalty, human capital protection and growth, and the constant development of new technologies distinguished by the highest standards of customization.
Strategic pillars:
  • Sustainable growth
  • Customer loyalty
  • Innovation
  • Human Capital Nurturing
  • Energy and Waste Management